Attention Girl Scouts Grade 7 – 12

Attention Girl Scouts Grade 7 – 12

Fairy Godmothers, Inc. a non-profit organization that helps young girls attend their Prom.

Fairy Godmothers need your help.  We have developed a Fairy Godmothers Badge. This is an opportunity to help others who are less fortunate.To earn your Fairy Godmothers Badge for Community Service you need to meet these quotas.

  • Each girl needs to collect 8 gowns:
  • All gowns need to be long in length
  • All gowns must be on hangers
  • All gowns must be sized
  • No rips, stains, and none older than 5 years

In addition to the 8 gowns one must be a complete outfit:  shoes, purse, shawl, and jewelry for one gown. When all are collected and donated to Fairy Godmothers each girl will receive a Fairy Godmothers Badge along with a Certificate stating their Community Service and a special wand pen, all for the cost of $ 3.00.  Your troop leader will fill out our form to order these items.Forms can be found and downloaded. Download the form Here

Send the form to:

Fairy Godmothers Inc
2739 Norfolk Ln
Doylestown, Pa 18902


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